Friday, 21 October 2016

4 Years Blog Anniversary

This has been a very slow year blogging wise... too much work, travel, and family. 4 years ago I aimed for 2 posts a month. I nearly hit it in 2013, failed by a little in 2014, and went on to not meeting at all the last 2 years...
Coincidently I also have a delightfully busy 2.5 year old running around, I suspect she has something to do with how little time I have. My eldest has developed a terrible addiction to reading so I hardly see her these days, can't be blame for this one.
Since I started the blog I've also embarked on developing and maintaining JCTools, speaking at conferences, and starting a local JUG in Cape Town. Sharing of one kind breeds another, but you don't seem to gain bonus hours in the day. Hmmm.
If I sound like I'm making excuses it's because I'm still feeling bad about missing that 2 posts a month goal.
Despite my decreased output, blog traffic has steadily increased teaching me a thing or 2 about search and web economics. I hope to write more in the next year as I plan to give conferences a rest for the next 6-8 months, will see how it goes.
In any case, thanks for reading :-)


  1. Thanks for writing. Some of your traffic is me re-reading the classics.

  2. Not really, thank u for writing these. You might have a small audience (you are not talking about Spring after all :) ), but a very faithful one.


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