I've talked in some conferences/LJC meetings and some people seem to have enjoyed the talks. I'm not a great public speaker (improving over time, I think), and personally I would rather read an article/book/post than see a video on the same topic, but what do I know.

Queue Evolution

This talk evolved from the work I've done on lock free queues for the blog and later for JCTools. It only covers SPSC queues and tried to step through each optimization and its impact. I've given it in several formats, and went to the trouble of setting up a supporting project on GitHub (with slides).

Illusion Of Execution

I wrote this talk for Joker Conf after talking to Sergey Kuksenko on the topic of JVM runtime code being injected into application code. It went through some healthy evolution and it's still not all I want it to be.


I do a fair bit of profiling as part of my work and have recently been contributing to Honest Profiler and a bit to Perf-Map-Agent. I gave a few talks on the topic:
The talks share allot of common ground and topics so pick the latest you can find.

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