If the reading of this blog has given you any pleasure, I'm very happy.
If these shadows have offended... well, I'm very sorry about that and I promise to try and not do it again.
This blog is a learning via teaching and experimenting playground for me, as well as a place to articulate points I find myself making repeatedly in discussions. As such it is about whatever I feel like playing with at the moment, which turns out to be one of the following topics mostly:
  • Java and JVM internals
  • Performance and concurrency
  • Queues as means of inter-threaded/process message passing
  • Benchmarking, profiling and measurement on the JVM
The opinions expressed and how they are expressed are a result of my flawed upbringing and misspent youth, nothing to do with current or past employers. If anything you read in this blog seems offensive or incorrect, let me know. I'm likely to offer you comfort for the first and potentially fix it for the latter ;-)

Apart from blogging I also spend some time contributing to Open Source projects on GitHub, and speaking at conferences.

You can also find me on twitter: @nitsanw

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  1. Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts and experiences with Java and related JVM topics. It has been a pleasure to come back and and read your posts. Appreciate that you took the time out to share this interesting stuff.


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